The liver

The liver

The liver is a large organ in the right upper abdomen with a special anatomy and function. There are many liver diseases and depending on the cause of the disease, diagnosis and treatment can vary widely. Different forms of liver inflammation and benign and malignant diseases of the liver and bile ducts require different approaches.

If you have a liver disorder, the Liver Center Rotterdam, which is part of the Erasmus MC, is the largest center in the Netherlands and can offer you the best options for diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes new treatments are proposed as part of research. Such treatments will only take place if you wish and indicate that you are well informed.

What can you expect if you are referred by your doctor for an assessment?

  • An introduction will take place with a doctor who specializes in liver disorders;
  • Your liver disease will then be assessed using the most modern examination techniques;
  • After the diagnosis has been made, the data is discussed with a team of specialists who all have extra expertise in the field of liver disorders;
  • This team meets weekly to discuss the best treatment for each patient;
  • Within a week of the meeting, the team's decision will be communicated to you by your practitioner;

If you want to be assessed by specialists from the Liver Center, you can be registered by your general practitioner or by your medical specialist.

Normal liver
Figure 1: Image of a normal liver

Liver diagnostics for liver diseases and liver cancer

  • Blood test
    • Blood test
    • General health
    • Function of the liver
    • Viral infections of the liver
    • Markers for the presence of liver cancer
  • Imaging research
    • Ultrasound
    • CT-scan
    • PET scan
    • MRI scan
  • Biopsy of the liver

Liver disorders, most common:

Liver treatments: