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HPB center Rotterdam

In the HPB transplant center in Rotterdam we offer you the best options for treating liver, biliary tract or pancreatic disorders. Malignant diseases of these organs in particular, require a great deal of expertise and experience to guarantee a good approach. Our team consists of various specialists who deal with these special diseases on a daily basis and who determine the most suitable approach for each patient in close consultation. Several times a week there is a meeting between the team members to discuss patients.

The following information about HPB disorders is classified per organ and provides the best possible representation of the steps required to determine policy.

Sometimes research that we are going to perform will partly correspond to research that has already been performed in another hospital. Repetition of investigations may be necessary to confirm the extent of an anomaly and to better map out details. After a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan is proposed. Sometimes the treatments we propose can only be performed by our team due to the special nature of the procedure, such as with a liver transplant. In other situations, another hospital may be able to carry out treatment in the same way and you may be able to go back to a hospital in your area. This is done in close consultation with you and the specialists involved.

Specially trained nurse practitioners are an important part of our team. Together with a coordinating secretary, they will help and guide you as much as possible during the various appointments. The nurse practitioners consult with the medical specialists on a daily basis and can pass on any questions immediately.

If the information we provide you here is not clear, you can direct your questions to us via our contact form. We take your suggestions to heart and will try to answer any questions as soon as possible.